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Recent FAQs

Why is ENGAGE having connection issues?

ENGAGE requires at least 4 Mbps of internet upload and 8 Mbps download to function. 


Check that the ENGAGE program has permission to get past your firewall. 


Check that the following ports are accessible. 

  1. 5055     UDP Client to Master Server (UDP) 

  2. 5056     UDP Client to Game Server (UDP) 

  3. 5058     UDP Client to Nameserver (UDP) 


Ensure that the web address is also whitelisted on your firewall. 

I am having trouble logging into ENGAGE with verification.

When you registered with ENGAGE, a verification email was sent to your email address. You must verify your account within 72 hours. However, sometimes the verification email goes into your spam. Check your inbox of the email you signed up with, for an email from [email protected] You should find a verification email in there. 


If there is no verification email, then you may have put the wrong email address into your registration. If that is the case, register with your correct email address. 


If you cannot solve the problem using this method, you can contact us by email at [email protected] and we will respond within 48 hours.  

My audio is cutting out when I am playing recordings or content

There are several issues which might be causing this problem. Try the following solutions.  


Solution 1 - Ensure only 1 set of headphones connected 

If you are using a VR headset with the built-in headphones (Such as the Oculus Rift) and you also have another extra set of headphones plugged in, then Windows can sometimes become confused about which one to play audio through. Try removing the extra headphones or updating your windows audio settings. 


Solution 2 - Ensure your audio drivers are up to date 

Your audio drivers or device may be unstable, causing this issue. ENGAGE requires the Windows audio system (FMOD) to import sound files at runtime.  If there is instability in the audio drivers you are currently using, this will cause the import function to be unstable as well and you may experience audio issues with pre-recorded content. Try updating the drivers for your headphones. 


Solution 3 - Swap USB port 

If using USB headphones, change the USB port they are plugged into. 


Solution 4 - Try changing headphones 

Try changing the headphones you are using they might be physically broken or the drivers might be corrupted.  

I can't hear audio on any of the streaming media.

Check your audio settings on Windows. Ensure that both Input and Output are set to your VR hardware device. For example, if you are using an Oculus Rift, the output device should be set to "Headphones: Rift Audio".

To navigate to the settings in Windows, search for Settings, then Sound.

In this menu, you can see options for Input and Output devices in two separate drop down menus.

Cannot hear any audio output when plugging in or removing headphones on Oculus Quest 2.

If a user is in a session, and plugs in headphones into the Oculus Quest 2, sometimes the audio output is not recognized by the device.

In addition, if a user has headphones on from the start of a session, and plugs them out during it, they may lose audio output on the device speakers.

To avoid both of these scenarios, it is best to select and setup your audio hardware option to use external headphones or not and maintain that setup for the duration of the session.