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Recent FAQs

What devices are supported?

ENGAGE has cross platform support for all the major VR devices as well as standard desktop PCs, Macs, tablets, and smart phones. 

For information about supported devices, go to   

How can I import 3D objects?

Only users with an ENTERPRISE subscription can import their own 3D models into ENGAGE. If you have an ENTERPRISE subscription, create a ticket, and we’ll contact you with your available options. 

Users that have a LITE account can access the library of over 1,100 3D models, audio files, and other immersive effects (IFX). Users that have a PLUS subscription have access to an additional 100 IFX that provide advanced functionality.  

If you are part of a business or educational institution and want to know more about our ENTERPRISE subscription, please contact sales

Why can’t I connect to ENGAGE?

ENGAGE requires a minimum upload speed of 4 Mbps and a minimum download speed of 20 Mbps. However, we recommend a minimum upload speed of 10 Mbps and a minimum download speed of 50 Mbps per user. 

If you can’t log in to the ENGAGE application or the web manager, reset your password

If you can log in, but can’t join a Session, ensure that the ENGAGE application has access through the following ports. 
















4590 to 4600 



8001 to 8010 



49152 to 65535 




On Windows devices, we use the PatchKit launcher to deliver automatic updates. The PatchKit launcher opens first, and then after a check for updates it opens the ENGAGE client application. For information about which ports the PatchKit launcher requires access through, refer to the PatchKit FAQ

How do I verify my account?

To verify your email address, follow the instructions in the email that was sent when you created your account. 

If you didn’t receive the verification email, check your spam folder. If you log in to the ENGAGE application with the email address and password that you used to create your account, you can choose to resend the verification email. 

If you select Continue after you log in to the application, you can use ENGAGE before you verify your email address. However, if you don’t verify your email address within 72 hours, your account will be deactivated. If that happens, create a ticket and we’ll help you to recover your account. 

If you’re part of an organization that experiences recurring issues with verification emails, please create a ticket for additional support. 


How do I reset my password?

To reset your password, complete the following steps: 

NOTE: If you have forgotten your password but are still logged in to the web manager, you must first log out. To log out, go to

  1. Go to

  2. On the Password Reset screen, enter the email address that is associated with your account, and then select RESET MY PASSWORD

  3. After you receive the Reset Password email, follow the instructions in the email to reset your password.